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December 2, 2020


How To Talk To Loved Ones When You’re Worried About Their Mental Health - Washingtonpost.com ~ “When you ask somebody how they are, you need to stop and wait for the answer, and you need to let them know that this is something that you really care about and want to hear, and you want to pay attention,” she said.


Does Trauma Cause ADHD? And Vice Versa? - Additudemag.com ~ The connection between trauma and ADHD is fascinating, if not fully understood. Because trauma affects those same areas of the brain, it exacerbates ADHD symptoms. The science, however, is still out on what actually causes ADHD.


Parents Should Gauge Teen's Risk For Addiction - New-star.com ~ Understanding risk factors is also very important when a child with more risk has already experimented with substances or has a problem,” she said. “In that case, you will have a clearer picture of why things might have happened and know how to get the right kind of treatment.


Alarming Trends in Suicide Risk Seen During Pregnancy and After Childbirth - Medpagetoday.com ~ It's clear that "pregnancy can exacerbate underlying mental health conditions and bring on new mental health conditions," she told MedPage Today. "There needs to be more of a formal, systematic way to review these cases."


The Mental Health MOT: How To Check If Your Pandemic Blues Are A Cause For Concern - Theguardian.com ~ For those of us not so in tune with signals that our mental health is suffering, it can be hard at the moment to know if something is becoming a problem.


Parents Worry Kids’ Mental Health Will Suffer As Pandemic Drags On - Wtop.com ~ About two-thirds of American parents are worried about the pandemic impacting the mental health of their children, according to a survey by Nationwide Children’s Hospital that finds caregivers believe effects will grow worse in coming months.


Uncovering ADHD - Timesofinda.indiatimes.com ~ ADHD is more than a stigmatic myth; it’s not just all in the head; it’s diagnosis is far more consequential in one’s daily life than what people assume of the disease.


Does Cannabidiol Impair Driving? - Medpagetoday.com ~ Driving performance was impaired when healthy young people inhaled vaporized cannabis with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), but not cannabis that was cannabidiol (CBD)-dominant, a small randomized clinical trial suggested.


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The Lyons Township Mental Health Commission is one of approximately sixty-six community mental health boards in Illinois.  Boards are generally organized on a county basis except in suburban Cook County where there are a limited number of mental health boards in suburban townships.  In addition to Lyons Township, these include Berwyn Township, Cicero Township, Hanover Township, Proviso Township and Riverside Township.


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