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September 18, 2020




Photo Of Kindergartner Working From Home Is ‘A Total Mood’ - Wbtv.com ~ Many adults have had to adapt to the frustrations of working from home during the pandemic - and kids are being asked to do the same. But learning from home can be stressful for young people, and a viral photo posted captures what a lot of families are dealing with.




10 Tiny Self-Care Practices to Try Today - Blogs.psychcentral.com ~ Most of us don’t have much energy or time right now, as we focus on the essentials: working, caring for our kids, doing 100 loads of laundry, trying not to drown. Which means that self-care can take a backseat. There’s just so much to do.




As School Returns, Special Needs Children Are Left Behind - Nytimes.com ~ A survey released at the end of May by the advocacy group ParentsTogether, found that 40 percent of kids in special education hadn’t received any support at all, and only 20 percent received all the services they were entitled to. Over a third were doing little to no remote learning…




Police Have Shot People Experiencing A Mental Health Crisis. Who Should You Call Instead? - USAtoday.com ~ Approximately 2,700 of the nation's roughly 18,000 police departments have some or all of their officers go through crisis intervention training (CIT), known as the "Memphis model," which aims to help police recognize a mental health…




Passing Out From Alcohol Tied to a Doubling of Dementia Risk - Medscape.com ~ People who drink alcohol until they pass out may have more than a hangover to contend with. In a study of more than 130,000 people, alcohol-induced loss of consciousness was associated with a doubling of the risk for subsequent dementia, regardless of overall…




How to Support your Child’s Mental Health During The Pandemic - Coachmag.co.uk ~ “Everyone has struggled in the pandemic and during lockdown, but for children it’s been particularly difficult, because they found themselves being taken out of school and then being at home with parents or carers who are also really stressed.”




How To Reduce Your Risk Of Developing Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease - News.llu.edu ~ Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death for all adults, and the fifth leading cause of death for adults over 65, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.




What Are Mental Compulsions in OCD? - Psychologhytoday.com ~ Public and professional understanding of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) has dramatically improved within the last decade.




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The Lyons Township Mental Health Commission is one of approximately sixty-six community mental health boards in Illinois.  Boards are generally organized on a county basis except in suburban Cook County where there are a limited number of mental health boards in suburban townships.  In addition to Lyons Township, these include Berwyn Township, Cicero Township, Hanover Township, Proviso Township and Riverside Township.


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