The LeaderShop

The LeaderShop empowers youth to become community-minded individuals through diverse programs that foster confidence, knowledge and leadership. The LeaderShop's vision is an ever-growing network of youth energized by service and responsibility to self, community, and the world. The LeaderShop [TLS] takes a preventative position in helping today's youth grow into productive leaders in their communities.

Located in La Grange, the agency serves over 1,400 youth from all areas of the Township.  Programs include:


  • A Mentoring Program that joins more than 30 mentors & mentees each year

  • Girls Group and Guys Group

  • High School Performance Group


  • 3 After School Tutoring Programs that serve 10 area Elementary Schools


  • Annual Jr. High Leadership Conference with more than 100 participants from 14 Jr. Highs

  • Annual High School Leadership Conference with more than 100 participants from 4 High Schools

  • Teen Leader Training for more than 100 youth each year

  • High School Work Trip


Contact Info:

The LeaderShop

4903 S. Willow Springs Road

La Grange, IL 60525

P: 708.579.5898