Pillars is the largest provider of comprehensive mental health and social services in the near western and southwestern suburbs.  Providing services for over eighty years, the agency has ten locations conveniently located throughout the area serving over 10,000 individuals and families annually.  Committed to making connections and changing lives, Pillars aspires to build healthier communities by providing quality mental health services and education for people of all ages.

Pillars Programs Include:

  • Mental Health Services for children, families and adults
  • Addictions Treatment and Prevention Services
  • Sexual Assault Services
  • Domestic Violence Services (Constance Morris House)
  • Head Start and Daycare Services
  • Crisis Support
  • Housing and Supportive Services (LATH)
  • Children’s Bereavement Program (Buddy’s Place)

Pillars’ Contact Information:

Telephone: 708 PILLARS     (745-5277)

Website: www.pillarscommunity.org