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Mental Health News Articles From Around The Web

March 27, 2023 

Lower Socioeconomic Position Linked With Increased Depression - Psych Congress ~ A lower socioeconomic position (SEP) was associated with higher levels of depression among Black women, according to study results recently published in Women’s Health Issues. “These findings suggest directing mental health resources to people experiencing low SEP at any stage in life, especially those with low SEP in adulthood, to aid in the management of depressive symptoms,” 

New tool in fighting domestic abuse: a QR code that points victims to help - Suburban Life ~ The QR code will take users to a dummy website, where they can then click on a link to get access to a real website with information about agencies that can help them, the court process for prosecuting abusers and how to get orders of protection, find shelter, get legal aid and more. 

Supporting the Mental Wellness of Physicians - MedPage Today ~ Among other issues, she writes about how doctors deal with guilt and shame, gender and racial discrimination in healthcare training, the erosion of the clinician-patient relationship in modern medicine, and how clinicians can build emotional resilience. 

Outside Factors Contributing to Suicide Rate Differ by Sex, Study Finds - Psych Congress ~ The mean country-level suicide mortality rate in men in North America was found to decline as health expenditure per capita rose and increased when the homicide rate, the prevalence of intravenous drug use, and alcohol use increased. Results showed North American men have a higher suicide mortality rate than women. 

Odors From Other People’s Sweat Can Help Treat Social Anxiety - Neuroscience News ~ In a preliminary study, the researchers were able to show that social anxiety was reduced when patients underwent mindfulness therapy while exposed to human ‘chemo-signals’, or what we commonly refer to as body odor, obtained from underarm sweat from volunteers. 

Patients given aripiprazole ‘should be told of gambling addiction risks’ - The Guardian ~ The National Problem Gambling Clinic has observed growing numbers of patients who have developed a gambling addiction after starting to take aripiprazole. Some patients have lost huge sums of money as a result and seen their relationships fall apart. 

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